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University Overview
ShijiazhuangUniversity is a higher education institute for undergraduates, authorized by the Ministry of Education of P. R. China. It is located in the capital city of Hebei province, 280 km south to Beijing. The university itself covers 807,000 square meters, with a building area of 370,000 square meters. With convenient transportation and a beautiful environment, the university boasts an excellent geographical location and economic and cultural surroundings.
Teaching Facilities
There are 13 experiment centers, 240labs, 2 university libraries in the university. The university is also well equipped with sports ground facilities, including 2 standard track and field grounds, 1 soccer field and some courts for basketball, volleyball and tennis. There is also a multi-function gymnasium with a swimming pool.
Disciplines and Departments
There are 17departments or schools and 75 majors (55 of which are undergraduate majors). The university has expanded its curricula to include such disciplines as law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, medicine, management and arts. Some of the majors are characteristic majors at the state or provincial level, such as the pharmaceutical engineering and the bio-engineering which are listed as National Characteristic Majors. At present, the courses offered at the university are structured to support the leading industries in Shijiazhuang and the development of a harmonious society. A discipline system has been established to assist in the development of local economy and society and to cultivate the qualified applied talent.
Staff and Students
The university now hosts 17,140 full time students and 1138teachers with professional titles. There are110professors and 290 associate professors, which constitute 48.9 percent of the teaching staff; there are 542 teachers with doctoral or master degrees, which constitute 75.4 percent of the teaching staff.
Talent Cultivation
The university focuses on enhancing students' practical capability. The graduates from ShijiazhuangUniversity are welcomed by the employers because of their extensive skilled knowledge, practical ability and innovative ability. Since the foundation of the university, more than 50,000 students have graduated from the university and some have grown into famous scholars or experts, leaders, principals and top national teachers.
Research Achievement
In the recent 6 years, the university has undertaken 1707 research programs from the state, province and city. 6886 research treatises have been published, and 630 of those have been indexed by SCI, El and ISTP. 347 books, including textbooks have been published, 40 patents have been registered and 565 research awards have been won respectively. Approved by the provincial government, the Intellectual Property Training Base of Hebei Province, the TalentCultivationCenter for National Cartoons and Animation Industry Development Base (Shijiazhuang) and the Training School of Hebei Provincial Service Outsourcing have been set up in the university. Other research centers include: the Research and Development Center of Applied Technology for Microbial Pharmacy of Hebei Province, the Food Engineering Technology Research Centre of Shijiazhuang, the Ceramic Engineering Technology Research Centei; and the XibaipoCultureResearchCenter. In addition, driven by an active cooperation between the university and enterprises, New Medicine Research and DevelopmentCenter and 6 other R& D centers have been set up as well.
Student Activities
There are nearly one hundred students' associations or groups, which build a platform for students' development. The university encourages students to join in various professional competitions, including the National Challenge Cup Contest, the National College Students' Art Show, and the Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling. The university has been awarded the Excellent Organizer of National College Students' Art Show twice. Many international, national and provincial prizes have been won either collectively or individually.
University Facilities
The established 13 experiment centers consist of 121 labs. Among the labs, the Elementary Teaching Experiment Center of Physics, ExperimentCenter for Literature and Media are Model Centers of HebeiProvince. The university library contains 960,000 volumes of books, including 929 kinds of Chinese journals and many database resources, such as, the CNKI, VIP and WANFANG Data etc. The university is also well equipped with sports ground facilities, including 2 standard track and field grounds, 1 soccer field and some courts for basketball, volleyball and tennis. There is also a multifunction gymnasium with a swimming pool. All over the campus, the various facilities make a complete system for teaching and living in ShijiazhuangUniversity.
International Connections
Since the foundation of the university, international exchange and cooperation has been one of the key points of work. In recent years, the university has established various connections with prestigious universities, higher education institutes and research organizations in the United States of America, Italy and other countries. Annually, the university invites many foreign experts and scholars for academic exchange and short-term lecturing. These international exchange activities greatly promote the internationalization and the international reputation of the university. To promote the internationalization of the university and enhance the global academic connection, the International Exchange and CooperationCenter was established. Its main function is to undertake the academic exchange, international jointly-run schools and foreign affairs.
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